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The Level of Empathy Experienced by Recovering Addicts Compared to Non-Addicts Abstract The Level of Empathy Experienced by Recovering Addicts Compared to Non-Addicts The social and psychological implications of empathy levels experienced by former addicts is immense. In order to fully understand how to reduce relapse in addicts, it is important we learn the amount of social-cognitive affect that recovering addicts are capable of processing . The ability to experience empathy or understand another person’s perspective can have a great impact on how successful a person is in their recovery . This research study will show that former addicts display significant levels of empathy due to their ability to place themselves in other people’s shoes, so to speak. Recovering addicts are aware of the circumstances that can lead to a person’s addiction habits. Involuntary loss of a job, divorce, depression, or other situations can lead to a person turning to drugs, alcohol, or nicotine as a coping mechanism. Those who persevere can overcome their addictions, and are able to empathize with others experiencing similar distress . The introduction begins by discussing the topic broadly. It further explains what the research study intends to achieve. This is a plus since the reader can appreciate why the essay is worth reading. This researcher intends to show the relationship between empathy expressed and status of being a recovering addict or non-addict. It is estimated that recovering addicts will display a slightly elevated empathy level when compared to people who have never been self-disclosed addicts . I will be using quantitative measures to determine the

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