Reversing Globalization

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Reversing Globalization The question on whether globalization should be stopped is a general matter, which calls for understanding the benefits and demerits of globalization. It also entails examining the hypothesis of whether preventing or reversing globalization is possible. Considering the advantages and disadvantages alone is not enough to justify the course of actions. It is far more prudent to evaluate the cost of measures or inactions on globalization. This study focuses on the merits and the demerits of globalization. Moreover, this study also highlights Donald Trump’s policy and plans towards reversing globalization. It examines the possibility of Trumps planned effort of changing globalization. This paper also discusses the hypothetic possibility of doing away with globalization and finally provides the course of actions available to refine globalization. Globalization refers to the manner of integration and interaction among companies, people, and federal governments of different countries (Digna and Michael, 2-7). The improvements in transportation and media communications framework, the Internet, are central considerations in globalization. The recent rapid growth in globalization has been through innovation in information technology. Despite the fact that few researchers put the inceptions of globalization in exceptional circumstances, others follow its history much sooner than the European time of revelation. The term globalization has been in use since the mid-1980s and particularly since the mid-1990s. The central components of globalization are exchanges, movements, capital and venture developments, relocation and development of individuals and the

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