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Response to Debates – Ancient Rhetoric Rome has one of the richest histories of the world due to her important conquests and subsequent expansion of the empire. The Roman Empire was the world superpower regarding economically. The empire comprised more than 20 of the world population and occupied a land area that is currently hosting 48 nations. However, debates on the Roman Empire continue to take part. The paper is a response to a debate on whether Rome conquered it neighboring cities through defensive or offensive techniques. The debate takes place in the Roman parliament with the debaters comprising the Roman president and the senators. Evidently, from the debate, Roman Empire used offensive tactics to defeat rival troops and acquire their land. The Roman army was strong but also faced strong neighbors, which necessitated her army to attack first to deter the enemies from doing so. The debaters make good use of the three modes of persuasion. President Lucius uses Pathos to gain his listeners credibility and show good intention. He introduces himself as the Roman two-term president. It is a good thing that a president is addressing the audience since he would sound more authentic than the senators in the house. In opposition, Senator Paris uses logos to appeal to the audience. She documents how the state of affairs was and how the Roman government had to defend themselves from the enemies otherwise the country would have been acquired by them. She also uses Pathos to eliminate the audience’s judgmental tendencies. She introduces herself to the audience by calling them her fellow Romans and expresses her joy in serving a great nation. However, the president can mix

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