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Name: Course: Professor: Date: Response Before reading the debate, I agreed with the proposition. The Bill of Rights in the US constitution is a foundation for the democratic principles of the American society. My attitude in regards the value of the second amendment was positive. I appreciate the value of the ideology of liberty and the possibility to share ideas. The position suggests that the overall setup of the US government provides a platform for the successful execution of the Bill of Rights. After reading the debate, my opinion in regards to the US government structure or the Constitution did not change. Disregarding the criticism of the governmental decisions, I consider the notion of the opportunity to issue criticism an incredible value for the country. The system of checks and balances is the most efficient mean of eradicating corruption. It enables the identification of the variety of interests and unification of people under the premise of compromise. After I read the debate, my position did not change, as I continue to agree with the proposition. In contrast to other forms of government that appear across the world, the combination of the Bill of Rights with a system that upholds its essence cannot be undermined. The preservation of freedoms, such as those of speech, assembly, religious beliefs and others ensure the environment of appreciation and cooperation in the strongly diversified society. The freedom of speech is one of the fundamental rights that should not be subject to debate. The position infers that the benefits and necessity are evident for people across the world. Despite the logistic complication involving every citizen in the interaction

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