Researched Analytical Argument

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Student's name: Instructor: Course: Date due: Researched Analytical Argument Introduction Fighting against the oppression that a group of people, a country or even a race demands power. It is all it takes to achieve freedom. The ability to make their voices be heard and not relenting in the course of action that they need to be considered. Just as the Mau Mau, people realize they are being oppressed by those in power and therefore demand to be respected and treated equally. It is what leads to the quest to have the power as well. The power to air their voices, to be listened to and be treated equally. The question is, how does a group use power to challenge the authority and be heard to achieve freedom? As Malcolm X indicated in his 1965 speech, the power to have freedom is what leads to peace. This paper focuses on how people can achieve their freedom by fighting for their rights and letting their voices be heard in a society that is full of oppression. Attainment of freedom demands knowledge. The people who are being oppressed have to understand that they are being sidelined and discriminated to achieve freedom. Without knowledge, oppression still carries the day. It is the knowledge that creates the urge to spot the areas in which others are being sidelined. In 1964, the Northern Rhodesia fought colonialism to attain what is currently known as Zambia. It was only pure to come up with Zambia after the realization that indeed colonialism meant more harm than good. When the black representatives from Mississippi found themselves being closed out by the Great Society, the feeling of being unwanted struck out. It was a piece of knowledge to them. Through the

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