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Name Instructor Course Date Statement of Interest in Drug Development Studies There is no doubt that the past few decades have witnessed drastic changes in the field of technology. The world has increasingly become dependent on this phenomenon due to the numerous benefits realized so far. In particular, the field of telecommunications has experienced major transformation to the extent that the world has increasingly been referred to as a global village. This is due to the unbeatable advantages derived from the application of technology in this field. The improved telecommunications today plays a crucial role in how we communicate. Mobile phones especially offer people with the opportunity to connect easily due to their numerous features. Mobile forms enable people to save time-based on communication features such as short messages, calls, and multimedia messages. The message features enable users to disseminate information to relevant groups (Gye 288). Also, mobile phones come handy in emergency situations. However, despite the numerous advantages that arise from the dependence on this technology mobile phones expose individuals to various dangers. For instance, mobile phones can be used to perpetrate crimes as well as expose people to health hazards. However, amidst all this, there has emerged a huge debate over the dependence on mobile phones. There has constantly been a concern over the implications of the dependence on this aspect of technology. It is worth noting that despite the few disadvantages that come with mobile phones, the dependence on them has enabled humans to bridge borders as well as interact easily. This essay has sought to highlight why the

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