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Personal Reflection and Psychosocial Assessment of Family Theory: Name of Student: Institution: ABSTRACT The Generalist Intervention Model theory approach confines an extensive plan of intervention that focuses on solving issues at multiple system levels; rather than at an individual level. Social workers provide excellent services proving competence in their training, education, certification, and experience working with complex issues involving either an individual, group, or community. Practitioners are required to understand and use the model to improve relationships among family members and address complex issues and disputes affecting them. The model is critical to guarantee that all the clients’ needs are met, hence relieving their stresses in ways that strengthen their systems. Over the years, social workers have used the theory to unite families, develop them, and improve their relationships. This paper utilizes the knowledge gained as a social worker through studying and understanding the Generalist Intervention Model and using it to solve an individual family-of-origin issue. Keywords: Generalist Intervention Model, Practitioner, Social Work, Family, Family-of-Origin Experiences, Intervention INTRODUCTION The Generalist Intervention Model enables every social worker to look at issues in a different context and find solutions within their intermediate environment. The generalist practitioner determines the intervention process through assessing the nature of the situation presented and then researches on the systems of intervention to solve the problem (Press, 2009). The generalist intervention method requires the

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