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Name Instructor Course Date How does your chosen issue relate to you as an individual? (Why does it interest you?) Being a Palestinian, the prevailing Israel-Palestine war is quite relevant to me. The issue is also relevant to me especially given the massive suffering my kinsmen are going through because of the war. Has your personal or academic/professional background given you any prior knowledge or assumptions about your issue? My academic background has played a critical role in aiding me to understand the genesis of the prevailing conflict. Specifically, I have realized that West Bank and Gaza strip, that are among the major areas of contention, were and are still predominantly occupied by Palestinians. However, they were seized by Israel during the 1967 six-day war (Shlaim and Louis 138) Do you see yourself as tending to be biased for or against a particular position on your issue? Why or why not? Evidently, Palestinians are biased against, more when it comes to West Bank ownership. While Israel continues to control this region claiming actual ownership has not been established yet, it is noted that West Bank is dominated by Palestinians. Given this undeniable fact, such claims as held by Israel are discriminatory. Do you think including any of the above observations in your paper might be appropriate (or useful for a reader)? Evidently, all of the above points give important revelations into the factual aspects related to Israel-Palestine war and, as such, will give important insight for the reader. Hence, they are all important in this paper. Three important things I already know related to the issue Based on my research, it has dawned on me that

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