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Research paper Name Institute Affiliation Research Paper After analyzing the questions in chapter 12, one may not the use of an ordinal and nominal scale of measurement. There is an aspect of the questions trying to label variable without using any quantitative values. For instance, a question like, “_____ scale is used when participants score an object according to its comparative order among two or more objects” is a good example of nominal scales. In some of the queries asked it can be noted it is attaching significance and importance of the order of values. Such a format of questioning is associated with ordinal scales, for example, a question like, “What happens to responses when a halo effect is introduced?” The questions asked are provided with multiple choices which is a smart move as it makes it easier for the questioner to avoid inappropriate responses. Classification Questions Open-ended For instance: (1) Kindly, share any comments and suggestions you may have regarding the future direction of the club. (2) What is your understanding of dichotomous questions? (3)Describe you ideal vacation plan. Closed questions (1)Do you think the club’s future is promising? (2)Are dichotomous questions effective? (3) Would you prefer going for a vacation in the mountains or at the beach? Measurement questions (1) How many choices should a dichotomous query have? (2) (3)  Issue Category Fundamental Issue Question one:   Question two: Question content YES No No Yes Purposeful versus interesting     Incomplete and unfocused     Double-barreled question     Precision     Time for thought     Participation at the expense of accuracy

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