Research and discuss classism in England during Victorian Times.

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Classism in England during Victorian Times: Name of Student Name of Institution The society in England was divided into different social classes during the Victorian Era occurring between 1837 and 1901 (Dickens, 2016). These levels determined individuals’ education, job, and medical treatment, among other things in their lifetime. The social hierarchy in Victorian England demonstrates the social divisions and social systems among the people. This research paper explores research by Charles Dickens, who argues that the social classes during the Era included the lower level, middle class, and upper class. The upper class in the Victorian Era was divided into three other groups. They included the high class, the middle-upper class, and the lower upper class (Dickens, 2016). They were mainly spiritual lords, individuals from royal families, England Officers, temporary lords, baronets, large-scale businesspeople, among other wealthy people with immense wealth. They received an excellent education, medical treatment services, and run many successful large-scale businesses. The middle class was also called the working class. These include the skilled and the unskilled individuals, who had powerful economic boundaries in the society. The middle class had to do the mental work to earn salaries that maintained their livelihood (Dickens, 2016). They also steered the growth and advancement of cities during the era. Children from the middle-class families often received better medical care services, education, among other necessities. Thirdly, the lower class included people working under deplorable conditions; including the unemployed. Life was difficult for the

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