Representations of “Good” of “Heroic” Teachers

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Representations of “Good” or “Heroic” Teachers By (Name) Course name Professor’s name Name of Institution City and State where it is located The Date Representations of “Good” or “Heroic” Teachers Despite their consistent duty of disseminating knowledge, teachers are classified into various categories. There are those considered to be good and heroic; while others are termed as bad teachers. Hollywood addresses both the “Good” and “Heroic” teachers and their existence in theatre (Dalton & Linder, 2008, p.8). It is important to understand that good teachers are often considered as outcasts in educational institutions. Even if “Good” educators are castigated in schools, they are required to exist in an attempt to bring about balance with the “Bad” ones. “Matilda”, the 1996 film, is primarily set in an Elementary School with an oppressive principal, one that does not embrace the system. In “Matilda”, despite the principal’s evil nature, the film incorporates a “Good” and “Heroic” teacher, Miss Jennifer Honey. “Heroic” teachers are classified hand in hand with leaders due to their ability to salvage people from unbearable situations. In the film, Miss Honey often foregoes her needs so as to ensure that other parties are satisfied and fulfilled (Waldman, 2002, p. XV). She is not selfish and believes in sacrifices for the good of other human beings. Apart from helping others, “Good” teachers not only subscribe to teaching as a means of economic survival but, also as a way of achieving fulfillment in their lives (Fisher & Harris, 2008, p. 27). These “Good” or “Heroic” are

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