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Paraphrasing Author’s Name Institution My plan for this conference is to bring to the understanding of the parent and student that all of us as custodians of education will contribute towards a great school year for the student. As the teacher, I will help ensure the student succeeds by making the parent, as well as the learner, understand my learning goal and the necessary steps we can take as a team to achieve the laid out plan. I will prepare behavioral information, the learner’s grades for the semester, student achievements, the school rules, classroom schedule, my curriculum as well as a parent survey for presentation in the conference. My goals for this conference include: To discuss the students positively To understand the expectation of the parent from the teacher and the student Comprehending the student expectation from the teacher Ensuring the learner, teacher as well as the parent understand their roles in the classroom and at home during the school year to foresee success. Getting the learner goal driven to prosper. Ultimately, setting goals with Sonia, my student, and talking about her declining grades will be of great help. I will keep her on toes by constant checking of her tasks in school and even from home (Housel, 2014). Through frequent communication with her parent as well as weekly meetings with Sonia, I will get fully updated on her progress. This aspect will enable me to know if she needs assistance with her assignment and also helps with time management. Finally, I will maximize the aid I give to her during my lessons by ensuring Sonia is fully alert, participating and paying attention. I will keep track on her scores in the

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