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Student’s name: Tutor’s name: Course: Date due: Charles Ives: Psalm 90 Introduction When one listens to Charles Ives: Psalm 90, the inner reflection is how the Lord has been the dwelling place for all generations. The song focuses on the power of the Lord and how he has helped man, i.e., Moses and Israelites from all the temptations and destructions that he faces in the world. Psalm 90:17 indicates the need for the Lord's favor to rest with us and how He should establish the work of our own hands (Ives, 2). Therefore, listening to the song helps me to reflect on Psalm 90:17 regarding how the Lord works in human's life and how He the Lord should establish the work of man's hands. Psalm 90 is a prayer of Moses, and therefore it reflects how the Lord is always by man's side to protect him in all situations of the world. Exodus focuses on the Israelites were able to leave the slavery they faced in Egypt through the help of God. In return for the Israelites' faithfulness, the Lord promises them, Canaan. Deuteronomy also focuses on Moses' speeches to Israelites before getting to the Promised Land. Psalms 90 also focuses on the same power of God on how He has been faithful to the Israelites. Therefore, for God to establish the work of our own hands, it means that in case the Lord and His grace is not with us, all other things are substituted as the ultimate values, and thus everything will be distorted by idolatry (Ross, 43). It is, therefore, necessary that the Lord works in us and establish the work of our hands to help us attain the glory in all the things we do. Failure to this, we stand to be doomed in everything we do. As an individual, my primary belief

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