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Name/Course Title/Task #/Date submitted. Question 1 Is biblical faith a cultural trait or a reflection of human reality? Biblical faith serves to reflect human reality. The existence of man gets traced through historical facts and happenings. Similarly, biblical faith believes in a redemptive history etched in the bible where the history of man gets explained by him being a creation of God to establishing the true meaning of life (Herberg 52-59). The history affirmed defines one's reality as it is the root of self-redemption. Question 2 What is the archaic view of the sacred on time and eternity? The old societies had no belief in the aspect of them being actual beings and defining themselves by events that took place through time. The world to them experiences an eternal recurrence of events thus leading to the suspension of time hence time, and historical happenings have no significance (Herberg 297-299). The society and their systems used this explanation to keep touch with being. Question 4 Who created heaven and earth? Was the earth void or with form during creation? Enuma Elish and the Genesis story are different. According to Enuma Elish there existed some gods with authorities over cities they ruled while Genesis talks of a supreme God who is only one (Herberg 52-63). The earth got covered with water as creation begun in the story of Enuma Elish while that of Genesis talks of a universe that was completely void. Question 5 Does the Quran have any regard for the Bible? (Herberg 1-6)The Quran speaks highly of the Bible and some of the scripture written by men of God. The Islamic teachings implore Muslims to believe in the messages passed to them by

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