Religion and Spirituality

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Religion and Spirituality Student's Name Institutional Affiliation Having the spiritual outlook is not an assured way of benefiting someone's development. The reality is that its relationship with someone's development may either be negative, neutral or even positive. However, according to psychologists, having the spiritual outlook is essential for the reduction of trauma. The religious perspective makes individuals more resilient to the trauma. I believe this is a benefit to the development of an individual. Spirituality offers the reflection for the search of the sacred as one seeks to have a more significant relationship with God or even the universal spirit. The outlook, therefore, creates the ability for individuals to help each other which is a recovery sign from trauma (In Miller, 2014). The spirituality also focuses on the empathy and forgiveness which allows individuals with trauma to recover. Spiritual outlook is also helpful in one's meditation abilities. Meditation induces the feeling of being calm and improved attention which is a benefit in development. The contemplative practice caused by the spiritual outlook increases one's brain gray matter which reduces the sensitivity to pain thus enhancing the immune system (In Miller, 2014). It also helps in reduction of stress through the regulation of the painful emotions that an individual may be experiencing. Sometimes, seeking the spiritual path may be detrimental to one's development. Most of the time an individual may find him/herself being rejected by his or her faith community and remain burdened by the spiritual activities. The individual, therefore, remains demoralized and disappointed by the

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