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relationships of the enzyme were elucidated after appropriate purification and crystallization. The structure –function relationships indicated a loop-gating mechanism for controlling the catalytic reactions. TcArsl acts by cleaving the C-As bond of methylarsenite. The structure of the enzyme was resolved in both apo form and by using Ni(II), Co(II) or Fe(II) as prosthetic groups. Future studies should be conducted to elucidate the enzymatic mechanism of TcArsl. Research areas should focus on identifying the impact of single nucleotide polymorphisms (specifically at the active site of the enzyme) on methylarsenite metabolism. Moreover, future studies should also explore the role of allosteric...

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Relationships and Cardinalities The relationships between the entities were based on the following business rules: Many students enroll to many courses (mandatory, many-to-many) Many courses have many students (mandatory, many-to-many)’ A course may have a prerequisite course (optional, one-to-one) A course may be a prerequisite to many courses (optional, one-to-many) A student may have a thesis committee (optional, one-to-one) Many committees have many professors (mandatory, many-to-many) A committee has a chair (mandatory, one-one) A professor may be part of many committees (optional, one-to-many) A student has an advisor (mandatory, one-to-one) An advisor may advise many students (optional,...

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