Regulation on Canadian Immigration Consultants

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Regulation on Canadian Immigration Consultants Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Regulation on Canadian Immigration Consultants For a long time, Canada has hosted refugees, asylum seekers who turn for legal assistance without differentiating between lawyers, consultants, and non-governmental organizations. There have been many efforts to address the issues of how and by whom the immigration consultants should be regulated but have turned futile. As a result, there have been no set standards for the level of education, quality of services and accountability necessary for one to offer services as an immigration consultant. Various consultants have abused trust their clients leading to the discrediting of the profession as a whole. The following paper, therefore, focusses on the problem and proposes solutions and recommendations. Discussions have been held regarding the role of the immigration consultants and the need for a regulated professional body to oversee the activities of immigration consultants. The main parties involved in the discussions include the Law Society of British Colombia, Canada Bar Association, and the Law Society of Canada. Others include consultant organizations such as Association of Immigration Practitioners, Organization of Professional Immigration Consultants, the International Association of Immigration Counsel of Canada which has remained vigorous for this course and the College of Immigration Practitioners of Canada. These players have made on various occasions representations in the House of Committees and the Senate to emphasize the need for regulations of immigration consultants. Solutions suggested curbing the problem

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