Reflective Essay on HBO Documentary

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Reflective Essay on HBO Documentary about Obesity Name Professor Name Course Paper Due Date Reflective Essay on HBO Documentary about Obesity Introduction The HBO Documentary film on “The Weight of the Nation” features the obesity epidemic and the health consequences that emanate from being overweight or obese. The obesity epidemic emerged around 30 years ago, and since then it has been a menace to over half of the Americans being affected. Now, are the claims made by HBO factual and valid or it is just an exaggeration? Even though many people may not agree with HBO’s claims, I agree on some issues discussed in this film. The obesity problem in the US is heightening every day, and if it is not managed as soon as possible, it will become a national disaster. In the part of the HBO documentary, we learn that over 18% Americans are obese. In their article on “The Obesity Epidemic in the US (353),” which they wrote in 2004, Morrill and Chin claimed that the percentage of obese people, which then was 30% according to them, would rise to around 40% by 2008. According to the HBO documentary, 68.8% (quoted from the CDC) currently are obese. I believe that this is true because the problem seems to exacerbate every day due to the people’s lifestyles. Shortly, obesity will be the number one reason for transplants in the future. Indeed as highlighted from the documentary, obesity is the pacesetter for several diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, cancer, blindness, amputations, diabetes, arthritis, brain damage, and gallbladder disease to name a few. In their study, Segal and Martin from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Segal and Martin 24) discovered

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