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Student’s name Institutional affiliation Date Reflective Essay on English 101 Class English 101 class in this quarter is one of the subjects that has impacted my academic life and has had significant changes in my life. The works of great philosophers and authors studied in this course material was crucial since it shaped my attitude in a new, different and better way. Further, the class has equipped me with adequate knowledge and skills in effective writing, communication skills, and proper grammar. I, therefore, consider English 101 class as crucial and attach more value to it regarding the useful gains from the class that would be useful in future endeavors. This paper, therefore, will reflect on the experiences in English 101 class highlighting the achievements, changes and suggestion on improvements. Also, it will present insights into my intellectual capabilities as a resultant of my assessment. The course material for English 101 is dense and comprises of works by great philosopher and authors whose readings are useful. The texts grew right techniques and approaches towards the actual life conduct and behavior. For instance, it equips one with knowledge and skills of conducting conversations, arguments and presenting information in a social place. As a result, I can approach rhetorical conversations as well as control my opinions and thoughts. The class has techniques sufficient for actual life applications such as communication skills with other individuals. Communication skills are vital in one’s life and useful in many places such as meetings, job place, interviews, conferences, and seminars. Further, taking English 101 class has enabled me gain

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