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Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Reflection to a Quote The human brain craves understanding. It cannot be understood without simplifying; that is, without reducing things to a common element. However, all the simplifications are arbitrary and lead us to drift away from reality. Lecomte du Nouy. The human brain is a simple organ with a function that has been viewed as hard to explain. The complexity of the brain is on so many levels that its full potential is yet to be discovered if not at all. From Aristotle's theory of tabula rasa, the human brain is perceived as a blank slate birth. Therefore understanding and knowledge are acquired from experience or perception. This is through the tasks the brain gets from experience of how problems are solved. Using this cases, the human brain then conceives these processes as simple. Therefore any other approach that is different from the approach used to solve a past problem; the brain will resort to the old approach as it viewed as the simplest at the time (Penfield 15). However, this desire to achieve simplicity in all comprehension comes at a cost. The cost of discerning the true nature of phenomena or an event. This creates a condition where the reality of the problem is either underrated or overrated depending on the complexity of the problem at hand (Rugg 20). Therefore, proper analysis and evaluation of problems are important to assess the true nature of a problem thereby ensuring understanding of such a phenomena. These assessment techniques could include inductive, case-based reasoning and analogical reasoning. However, all this assessment methods are all reliant on some knowledge. Therefore, any new knowledge will require

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