Reflection Paper on Group Presentation

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Reflection Paper on Group Presentation Having completed our group research work, I have to admit that the task seemed less strenuous since we were able to bring the thoughts of different minds together. Through the help of my group members, I learned the best books to use as references, and they helped me to cite my work, a concept that I find quite difficult. My group members were very cooperative, and this was important as we were able to finish the research work on time. We agreed to divide the work into three parts so that everyone could take part in studying the portion allocated them and this helped us to research widely using various reference sources. After each one of us had completed their assigned study, we combined our work and presented it in class. During the research period, we formed a group chat in the phone which we used to discuss various areas that seemed hard. Through the group chat, we also decided on the multiple times that we would meet and also storm brained what was relevant for the research. We, however, had the issue of agreeing on specific times to meet as everyone had their different schedules but we managed to meet thrice before submitting the work. Our final meeting was used to combine all the research work that the various group members had done, and we made the necessary changes that were required. Working with a team was a great experience as the various researchers brought together helped to broaden my scope of knowledge and skill in research. My teammates helped me identify my weaknesses in the work I presented, and teamwork also helped us to meet the

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