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A Man For all Seasons Summary In the movie ‘A Man for All Seasons,’ Fred Zinnemann depicts the life of St. Thomas Moore. Thomas is an upper-class man who has stringent morals. He is a strict Catholic and attends vespers every evening. Thomas shows his moral standings right from the beginning. As the movie begins, he is in his house chatting with Richard. Richard is a young scholar with deep sated ambition for power. She wishes to become influential like Thomas More. In this first scene, More gives Richard a silver cup that he has received as a bribe from a woman who has a case in his courts. Immediately after, he is summoned by the bishop of England who presents the question that will trouble him throughout the rest of his life. The king is married to Catherin of Aragon. However, she is barren, only having one daughter. He, therefore, does not have an heir. He wishes to divorce her and marry another wife so that they can have sons. Though subsets we learn that only the Pope has the authority to dissolve a marriage and has refused to do so. In desperation, the King bribes the bishops to terminate the Church of England’s relationship with Rome. Henceforth, the King will be the head of the English church and will not recognize the pope. Being an ardent Catholic, Thomas refuses to recognize this transition and therefore resigns as chancellor of England. Since he is a man of Influence, it is important to the authorities that he recognizes he sides with the King. In a series of events in which Thomas is abandoned by his closest friends and associates, he never even once renounces his belief in the supremacy of the Church of Rome. Unable to draw his submission, the

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