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Addressing Cultural Differences Name: Institution: Abstract The world consists of various cultures due to the multiple ethnic groups. People adopt culture based on their place of birth and where they grow up. A Latino man that is born in a Latino community will most likely adopt a Latino culture if he is exposed to the cultural practices of the Latino people. A cultural difference refers to the diversity regarding cultural beliefs and practices in the world. The cultural makeup in which a person is raised affects their behavior. There are various aspects that contribute to the culture, and they include religion, education, social standing, personality, religion, affection expressed at home, belief system, past experience as well as other factors. The differences that exist in most cultures are related to music, food preparation, religion, and architecture. In some cases, the differences are so significant that they lead to a person experiencing culture shock. However, the different cultural experiences do not make one community dominant over another. People have to learn to respect the differences that are experienced in different cultures. The paper helps in the identification of social groups and other orientations within the ranks of cultural differences. The paper demonstrates that different communities have varied cultures hence the need to accept and appreciate them by providing a comprehensive analysis from a personal perspective. Addressing Cultural Differences Part 1: Age and Generational Influences I was born on Feb 23, 1996, in Palau, a small island in Micronesia. I am the only child. My mom and dad are divorced, but they are happily raising me.

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