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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Summary: Marriage Equality is Unstoppable by Sally KohnIn the first days, there was Adam and Steve. Honestly, this is not true but an opening in Sally Kohn’s article “Marriage Equality Is Unstoppable” in which he captures the evolution of same-sex marriages in a well-detailed timeline since 350BC to present. Same-sex marriage is a modern issue currently not surprising in many societies. Kohn in the article focuses on its evolution, particularly through registration and acceptance in legal contexts. According to Kohn, marriage equality is becoming unstoppable as many states in the US have either allowed it legally or at least ruled in its favor. However, couples or individuals identifying themselves as gays, lesbians, and transgender receives cruel treatment from the society. Nonetheless, the article adequately expresses that marriage equality is important for fairness and justice in America, and therefore, government and other institution should seek a way towards universal acceptance. Here, Kohn observes society problem and consequently provides an effective solution. The article provides examples and statistics of states, 19 in total, and the District of Columbia that allow same-sex marriages among others. It also reveals that eleven judges have so far ruled in its favor. This progress contradicted the past before 2004 when almost all states accepted marriage as a union between a male and a female only, as expressed in Bill Clinton’s Defense of Marriage Act of 1996. Finally, Kohn discusses the plights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people despite the increased recognition and acceptance of

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