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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Reader’s Response: Themes and Symbolism in Jordan Peele’s Get out Film Since the distant past, any human settlement in the form of a cabin or an estate deep in the woods houses the most horrific experience for trespassers. Jordan Peele’s film Get Out (2017) confirms this except for the fact that the victims are welcomed guests whose only crime is being born black. As the story unfolds, the theme of racism stands out leaving the audience frightened by the evils racial profiling propagates. However, to understand this poignant allegory masterpiece, one has to capture intense symbolism used. In the film Get Out, Peele uses symbolisms such a sense of sight, camera, silver spoon, and sunken place to bring out the theme or racism, relationship, and social control. In this film, Chris who is the protagonist accompanies his fiancée, Rose, to her parents’ home for the first time. As a photographer, he carries his camera which becomes an important tool that helps him note the strange world at Armitage's (in-laws’) home deep in the countryside (Peele 12). When Chris became aware of the danger that he was in, things had already turned horrific, and only his faintest breath and hypnotized mind could get him out of the dangers of Armitage. The key thematic concern in this masterpiece is racism. In no doubt, this theme must have been inspired by Peele’s Africa-American status that serves as a limitation in authority of white supremacists (Berman 3; Cruz 4). In the film, the Armitages’ victims are blacks, something that makes Chris ask the question “Why us? Why black people?” Peele 67). This is after the

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