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Health Insurance Plans. Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation: Health Insurance Plans Blue Shield of California is known as one of the largest health plans providers in America. It has a membership of over 3.5 million people. The company was founded in 1939 and is one of the oldest in the field as well. It is very popular with most people because of the voluntary health plans that they offer which cater for almost every individual regardless of their social standing or financial capabilities. The following paper will compare some of the voluntary health insurance plans provided by Blue Shield of California and get to understand why the company is as popular as it is. A voluntary plan allows patients to have specific benefits for themselves or their families (BulidMyBiz, 2012). The company offers four different health insurance plans that are all voluntary. They are the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum plans. Each is distinct from the others and offers some degree of uniqueness. All four plans can be acquired from Blue Shield or Covered California, and financial aid is provided for all of them through Covered California. They vary in their deductible and out-of-pocket maximum amounts. The calendar year deductibles for the four plans are as follows: $6,300 per individual/ $12,600 per family for the Bronze plan, $2,500 per person / $5,000 per family for the Silver Plan while no amount was deductible for the Gold and Platinum Plans. The maximum calendar payout was $6,800 per individual / $13,600 per family for Bronze, $6,800 per person / $13,600 per family for Silver, $6,750 per person / $13,500 per family for Gold and $4,000 per person / $8,000 per family for

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