Reaching Out A Solution

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Reaching Out a Solution Your name Institution Date (optional). What is the issue? According to the presented case scenario, a spectator suffered a cardiac arrest. The coach of the home team opts to fetch for medical emergency assistance only to be presented with another challenge of availability. However, the emergency squad arrives and resuscitates the suffering spectator. Eventually, a discovery is made that explains the challenge that the coach faced regarding the availability of medical care. The AED had been locked in a custodian's closet during the time of medical emergency. Is it my issue, and can I solve it? One should consider the importance of taking all the steps of political analysis regarding the flow of events in the scenario that just occurred. The definition of the main problem provides adequate assistance while defining the right issue in moving forward. The achievement of sustainable solutions requires a joint involvement of the involved stakeholders and affected individuals. As a nurse, one ought to look for various opportunities that reach consensus regarding the issues that are of paramount concern. Is this the real issue or a symptom of a larger one? Similar to this case, reading between the lines is highly critical in the evaluation of an issue. The methods by which information is conveyed to bring out facts is quite profound. The communication theory encompasses the fact that the messages are often not the main information hence more can be discovered through evaluations and assessment of a given situation. Does it need an immediate solution, or can it wait? Every problem in case scenarios does have some solutions that all differ

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