Racism: Main Discussion Points

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Racism: Main Discussion Points The underlying topic advanced in Tuskegee Study revolves around revealing the acts of racism which took place during the research on untreated syphilis in the USA. The research was conducted in 1932 by (USPHS) which stands for United State Public Health service. In essence, the article criticizes the manner in which the research was carried out in that it failed because it was done without putting into consideration the sociological context of the experiment. The participants infected with syphilis, for instance, were deceived so that they could come to great numbers to the research centers (Allan 21). Results Consequences of the Study Notably, the scientists who conducted the research imparted more harm to innocent Africa-American people who were both economically and socially unstable. In particular, the U.S government deceived the people and withheld from them the treatment which was fundamental to their lives. The Tuskegee study began by using painful injections to the participants who were made up of arsenic elements. When the use of penicillin came into practice, the doctors withheld the use of the products hence most of the syphilis patients died as a result. The infected men later passed the effect of syphilis to their partners due to lack of treatment. Therefore, the harm was not limited to the people registered to the research only. The research protocol was entirely disregarded hence the lives of the participants were in jeopardy despite the fact the men were deceived on the consequences of the study Replication this Study Today Undoubtedly, the replication of the survey will not be accepted in the current generation. The reason

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