Race and prejudice in American Literature

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Race and prejudice in American Literature The nature of every human being is to draw towards what is similar to him and protect himself from the unknown. For this reasons, there are multiple misunderstandings in multiethnic communities. This difference has for a long time been accentuated by the economic and social differences in the American community. The North American community was constructed over a lengthy period through migration from various corners of the globe. Anglo-Saxon communities through exploration and search for better livelihoods arrived and settled in America and established productive farms. On the other hand, Africans came to America chiefly through the slave trade and were sold to the Anglo-Saxon farm owners. Through this, the unequal relationship between the two races was established. The white race has occupied the superior position in everything that can be considered desirable while black presented human poverty and undesirability. As a result, the black race has suffered immense difficulties both internally and externally in accepting and depressing its authenticity especially in the American literary. The “The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain” by Langston Hughes magnificently expresses the foundation of his difficulty and the reasons why it persists. According to Hughes, the black community is the chief reason why the problem of racial prejudice persists in the American society. According to him, the acceptance of the black culture can only begin when the culture is accepted by the black people first. In analyzing the dream of a black poet who wants to become a poet but he doesn’t want to a black poet, Hughes dissect the mindset of

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