Race and Ethnicity

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Race and Ethnicity Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Race and Ethnicity Stereotyping is identifying a particular group through justifying ideas of culture using traits that may include behavior, hobbies, thoughts, beliefs, gender, age, ethnicity or speech, among almost any other lines. The qualities that identify the groups generalize the identity that may not be typical of every individual. However, most individuals in the group think stereotypically. A typical example in today's comedy is ordering for chicken as a meal I hotels, which is commonly associated with the blacks. It is perceived that people of black descent love eating chicken, which may not apply to each of them (Dovidio, Hewstone, Glick & Esses, n.d). Prejudice often involves thoughts that may be unjustified and are mostly incorrect, which are used to identify a person with a specific social group. In most of the cases, the thoughts are negatively directed against the person due to a wrong perception. It combines the cognitive aspect, perceptions of negative affect and assumptions of bad behavior that may be untrue. In most cases, prejudice ends up in mind. An example in our world today is thinking that the Muslim religion trains terrorism. In that case, the perception is unjustified yet may end up in the thoughts of all citizens of a country faced with terrorism (Dovidio, Hewstone, Glick & Esses, n.d). Lastly, discrimination involves taking actions that sideline a particular identity. It may affect the lines of ethnicity, race, gender, age, and religion among other widely distancing factors that identify a specific group of people. An example of discrimination that has been

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