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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Describing the narrator of "Haircut" The narrator in Haircut is an omniscient narrator. He assumes the position of knowing what happens to all other characters including their feelings. For example, he pretends to know the feelings of Hod especially after Jim left. Furthermore, he makes his comparison very confident of his unique abilities. He believes he knows what other towns are like and renders a verdict that no other town is happier as their town all over America (Blythe 48-49). The narrator proves to be very unreliable from his sentiments. First, when he justifies that their city was the best he says no town of its size in America. The scale he uses to measure the size of the city is vague. The narrator does not specify whether he measures the size of town depending on the geographical location or population. Even if he determines the scale, it is not practical that there will be cities of exact size; therefore, the comparison is irrelevant. The narrator is very unrealistic when pegs the joy of the town upon the availability of two people. He assumes that everybody else views Jim and Hod from his point of view. “Up in Michigan”-Protagonist and the Antagonist The protagonist in the story is Liz Coates; she represents the feministic duties in the society. However, the story is written in Liz’s point of view; she is displayed as an innocent girl who loves a man, but the romantic agendas diverge. Liz is obsessed with Jim Gilmore, yet Jim’s attraction on Liz is only the beauty of her hair. Jim is the antagonist in the story because his value for a woman is questionable. The author uses the phrase she admired her

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