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Questions Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Section A: Table Questions Did IHR revision occur? 1995-2002- No WHA (World Health Assembly) proposed the change of IHR in 1995 but the revision did not occur (Fidler & Gostin, 2006). 2003- 2005- Yes IHR revision was implemented in 2005 (Fidler & Gostin, 2006). Were there disease outbreaks going on that caused fear among states? 1995-2002- Yes The international spread of communicable diseases such as yellow fever, plague, and cholera pushed WHA to revise IHR (Fidler & Gostin, 2006). 2003- 2005- Yes The outbreak of (ARS) Acute Respiratory Syndrome and tuberculosis in 2003 hastened the revision processes (Fidler & Gostin, 2006). Did states think that the IHR needed to be revised? 1995- 20002- Yes Member states believed that the IHR needed to be changed since it was unable to deal with the outbreak of communicable diseases globally (IHR Revision archives, 2002). 2003- 2005- Yes Member states believed that the IHR revision could not only address disease but also global public health issues (IHR Revision archives, 2002). Did the US think that the IHR needed to be revised? 1995- 2002- No The US did not believe IHR required to be changed because it could be difficult for the national government to implement the regulation since the local and regional governments regulate public health laws (IHR Revision archives, 2002). 2003- 2005- Yes The US agreed to the revision process once member states were given more roles and responsibilities and the IHR structure was changed (IHR revision archives, 2002). Did states agree on the way in which the IHR should be revised? In other words,

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