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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Whole Foods 1. Labor Factors Karakowsky and Guriel (6) argue that economies and societies are greatly influenced by the organization of work. There is, therefore, need to attract and hire the most qualified workers who will hold the organization’s goals and values and always work towards its best interests (Karakowsky 6). At many times, however, there is usually a crash of interests, with the business focusing on maximizing its profits and the employees focusing on income maximization. Unless the two interests balance in the organization, there is a risk of not achieving the interests of the workers as well as that of the organization. Whole Foods, in its dedication to making the society and environment better, had always been involved in spreading healthy eating habits in the nearby communities (Aaker Npag). This plan was beneficial to both parties in that it created more job opportunities in the communities as more people would be involved in the educational programs in addition to selling in the various stores. The business would also benefit greatly in that the arrangement would ensure a consistently pleasant experience, ongoing innovation, and continuous value-based execution (Aaker Npag). Political Factors This is to what extent and how the government controls the market, industry, and economy in general. This is usually through trade restrictions, environmental law, labor law, political stability, tax policy, foreign trade policy, and other government policy. The company may have been affected by these factors bearing in mind that the company operated in the US, Canada, and U.K (Freschi, Npag). It

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