Questions and Answers on Health

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Questions and Answers on Health Case: Disparities in Care at Southern Regional Health System Suppose Tim Hank wants to appoint a health care disparities council to advise him on how to reduce healthcare disparities. Tim Hank needs to seek advice from the council committee. The committee chosen must be able to offer provisional processes for doing the important advisory job. Through the committee, Hank will learn the following manner of developing a viable program, lead the people towards implementation, and interact with employees. Besides, Hank will acquire the practical approaches to communicating the importance of the program and sound decisions to address potential complexities and improve service delivery. Overall, the advisory committee shall enable Hank to appreciate team diversity, learning, and cooperation. Use this chapter to help Mr. Hank create the council In the creation of the council, Hank needs to form a committee of individuals with a shared vision of organizational improvement. The scope of the team should be conditional to the appropriate skills, roles, and availability of the members. Equally, the input, output, and relevance of the persons should guide the membership procedures of the committee. Regarding relational organization hierarchy, the group must have mechanisms to ensure the perception of importance and power. Moreover, the committee must have an appointed leader who issues directions and shows the authority of the position in compliance to the group's culture. How many people and which stakeholders would you appoint? The number of individuals appointed to committee is reliant on the applicability, input, and output that the individuals

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