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Question and Answer Student’s Name Institution Question 1. Training and Development The business world changes every day, and the public sector has to come up with ways to meet the talent needs that will arise as the years pass by. The economic interruption, change in management and new paths in the government have forced the public sector to take on new responsibilities and roles (Kettl, 2015). The changes happening make employees want to improve their skills so as to keep up with the developments. An employer should, therefore, be willing to engage with workers in order to improve productivity and high performance. Deciding to raise development and training expenditure is organization inevitability. Firstly, it would give employees motivation to do better since they will feel like their efforts and needs are recognized. Secondly, an increase in training expenditure would mean that employees will get more insight on the changes taking place, therefore, keep up with their competitors. Finally, for the success of any business, the employees have to work towards the same goal; hence the raise would keep all employees at par with the company objectives since not all employees can afford to pay for their training. Question 2. Effective Public Management Over 36% of employees have expressed that they dislike their jobs for they do not feel challenged (Jacobs, 2014). They just show up to work to spend time in the office and receive a salary at the end of the month. One way that would improve on work boredom is adjusting of the routine. Some of the challenges come from doing the same thing every day, so the employee should try working from with different people, at

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