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Quantum leadership Student’s name Institutional affiliation Quantum leadership is a process based on leading from the future. It aims at the achievement of a perfect future organization. Quantum leadership describes various personality traits and behavior that is likely to build relationships with others leading to self-awareness as a trait to a leader (Porter-O'Grady & Malloch, 2003). A competent leader is one how has compassionate in his/ her leading skill to an organization. Ability to develop a vision, ability to overcome adversity, creates motivation and getting guidelines in decision making are the advantages of being a competent leader. Quantum healthcare organizations are holistic meaning they value most the connectedness between individuals and their various working processes (Porter-O'Grady & Malloch, 2003). This promotes an integration of a given organization to the world as well as other organization structures. Quantum leadership categories: Emergent leadership which is the emergence of a healthcare organization as a result of a combination of all active members in an organization. This engagement of individuals increases an organization hence increasing leadership role in an organization. This type of leadership differs from hierarchical because no superior-subordinate relationship is practiced (Porter-O'Grady & Malloch, 2003). For example, a dyadic model that tends to be an equilibrium in seeking important goals in an organization. This means that the person who is assigned the leadership position doesn't necessarily become the real leader of the organization. Multidisciplinary staff and multidirectional goals are examples of

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