Qualitative Research – Turning points and changes across time in relationships

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Parent-young adult relationship Name Institution Professor Course Date There are different relationships that human beings form in the course of the lifespan, but the relationship between a child and a parent is among those that are the most important. The turning point is a crucial ideology in the growth and development of a child’s life towards adulthood as it affects the patterns of growth and change concerning relation and transitions in social values. The relationship between a parent and a child forms a critical component in human existence (Guerrero et al., 2013). It is vital to analyses the parent-child relationship as the changes that happen affect the child’s character and the closeness to the parent or guardian parent figure. The future occurrence in life that impact the child’s life and how the parent reacts and resolves to help the child usually affects whether the closeness will increase or deteriorate depending on how the parent feels it. Thus, the turning point, where change takes root when the child hits puberty and joins the college as an adult influence the closeness to the parents. The research analysis from the college shows the turning point of each child that determined their choice of distancing themselves from their parents or putting their relations to the parents much closer (Eadie, 2009). Literature review Perceived and actual parental support given to young adults depends on the children’s social roles, needs, parent resources, and characteristics. Thus, the transition from high school to college covers the time span of change in parent-young adult relationships. College is a time where the children discover and develop

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