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purpose of the experiment is to determine the relative molecular weight of DNP-serine. Principle of Test (Gel Filtration Chromatography) The gel filtration chromatography that is also known as the size-exclusion chromatography seeks to separate the molecules based on their sizes. The stationary phase is made of the porous beads that have a well-defined pore size. The stationary phase has a fractionating range meaning that the molecules can be separated by different molecular ranges depending on their sizes. This experiment utilizes protein molecular mass ranges of between 1000 and 50000 as such 6-75 Sephadex is also applied. The molecules that are small in size can fit into the porous beads and...

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purpose of the study should be to allow another reader to understand it. However, no one can trust the credibility of a survey that has no interpretation of the findings (Leedy & Ormrod 2015). The reader would not be able to tell whether or not the researcher could have made up the discoveries. Without an interpretation, it is also impossible to conclude if the results reject or confirm the study hypothesis. Therefore, an analysis of findings is crucial for the reliability and validity of the research project. Lastly, research is supposed to act as a foundation for further studies. However, without an interpretation, other researchers cannot use it as a basis for their inquiries (Leedy &...

purpose of performing an oil immersion microscopy is to increase the resolution power of the microscope. By immersing both the specimen and the objective lens in specific clear oil having a high refractive index, the objective lens aperture increases thus an increase in resolution of the image. In some cases, the condenser is also immersed to increase the image resolution. References D. J Goldstein 1999, Understanding the light microscope, San Diego Academic...

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