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Public Policy Name Institution Date Transnational Public Goods for Health Many health issues affect people internationally but do not become global public goods. HIV/AIDS affects all people in developing and developed world qualifying as a public health concern. The availability of antiretroviral to infected persons is a global concern because it is only available to the rich developing countries that afford to budget for the drugs to HIV-positive people. In the case, humanitarian assistance and international security related to the disease are transnational public goods. Offering humanitarian assistance is a public good that offers knowledge and assistance to the sick and affected persons such as family members. Offering human assistance aids international security through avoiding failure of the state in the future. However, at times it is difficult to offer the public goods because of the high cost of affording antiretroviral therapy in poor countries (Barrett, 2006).There is an inefficient one-price policy for patented drugs. The antiretroviral drugs cost high prices to recoup the research and development expenses. The manufacturing companies charge high to cover capital and efforts used to avail the drugs. Alternatively, the poor countries should enjoy the benefit of affording the drugs at lower prices because the rich countries have enough money to recoup the costs through efficient systems. It is beneficial to offer international health assistance to avoid overcharging drugs. Benefits of offering transnational public goods in health Supplying public goods internationally benefits developing and industrialized countries. It is possible for industrial

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