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Psychology: Reflective Practicum Journal Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Psychology: Reflective Practicum Journal First Journal Before starting my practicum at St. Joseph's Hospital, New York, I experienced a broad range of emotions ranging from excitement to anxiety. Apart from interacting with patients, most of those emotions stemmed from what my life experience as a student nurse under the supervision of Dr. Barnett. On my first day at the facility, I was not only prepared but also excited about what it would feel like working with patients. Despite failing to recognize my expectations, I assumed that most of the duties would be easy to accomplish. I anticipated that interacting with other staff members, talking to students, and realizing responsibilities that I practiced before commencing my practicum to be simple. Contrary to my expectations, my first day at the hospital was challenging, and most of the things I expected to be undemanding proved problematic when I came into contact with real-life problems. I realized that my communication with patients was weak due to the complicated medical terminologies that I spewed. Another significant problem that I faced revolved around time management. Before beginning practicum, I believed that my time management competencies were perfect. Little did I know that things moved steadily fast in a hospital setting. My work evolved fluidly all through the day. I had to discharge patients and realize the continually changing orders. I was unable to balance all my duties correctly so that I could ensure that patients received maximum care. Nevertheless, with the help of my supervisor, I was able to navigate

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