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Freudian and Rogerian Constructs Name Institution Freudian and Rogerian Constructs Freud and Rogers developed theories that are applied in psychology. They established a useful and valid understanding of the mind through their constructs. Freud is mainly known for his psychoanalytic theory while Rogers is known for the client-centered approach. The psychoanalytic theory defines personality in terms of unconscious psychological processes such as fears and wishes. As such, Freud asserts that childhood experiences are essential in shaping the personality of an adult (Mitchell & Black, 2016).  Freud began his theory after working with a famous neurologist who was known as Charcot. It is during this time that he sided with the idea that hysteria was as a result of emotional disturbances. Hence, he practiced his psychoanalytic methods while treating people with mental disorders. He also paid much attention to early childhood, as he believed that it was the most crucial stage to acquire a complete understanding of one's personality. Following this opinion, Freud concluded that conflicts do not occur later in life but during childhood.  More so, Freud’s psychoanalytic construct is based on three primary tenets including the ego, superego, and the id. The id is characterized by unconsciousness, instincts and heritable traits present at birth. The ego is characterized by consciousness, is capable of domineering the mandates of the id including feelings, the recognition of stimuli, and operates as a link between the external environment and the id. More so, the ego responds to stimuli through adaptation or flight, controls activity and makes every effort to have

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