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Student Aggression Student’s name Institution Socioeconomic shifts and factors resulting in a change of the family structure have resulted in rising demands on the school system. This is notable due to the increase in violence and incidences of aggressive behaviors amongst students. However, it is within the purview of an educator to manage classroom behaviors by putting in place standards encouraging desirable ones. The following is a look at an incidence in a tenth-grade class involving student aggression. What Might the Teacher Do? The first reaction of a teacher during fights is breaking them up. Instinctively, this ensures an end to the destruction of property while at the same time preventing injuries. This should be done in a manner that displays authority. In addition, the teacher should initiate reconciliation by offering the students a monitored opportunity to explain themselves. This would give him insight into the nature of the conflict and therefore enable him to choose the best approach. Besides that, the resolution will enhance class unity and create an atmosphere of openness. This establishes the teacher as the mediator during any future aggression. Could the Conflict Have Been Prevented? All educators contribute to student behavior. Their actions during calm and tense moments send signals that get reception from the students. This is a fact that serves to promote the fact that any verbal or physical aggressiveness may be avoided. Impartation of the students with life skills aimed at managing unacceptable behaviors (O'Donnell, Reeve & Smith, 2011). This would create an atmosphere of constraint. Additionally, by ensuring students

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