provide a problematic and an outline.

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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Outline Novels might yield different moods to the audiences This study is an analysis of primary issues concerning the provided passage from chapter seven of the Falling man Analysis The events of the terrorist attacks were still fresh on Florence’s mind, and evidently, she had a problem distinguishing between reality and fiction. Every time Florence looked at the sky, the clouds only reminds her of the blasts There were cries of pain and anguish in the streaking aircraft. They looked to the sky, which represents where men search for hope carried desperation. Florence and Keith are still in disbelief; the two characters would rather assume that the event was an accident instead of human intent. An imagination that a person intentionally planned the utter horror is unimaginable because it conflicts with the characters of humanity Florence still thinks it is safer to believe it was an accident to give her false hope Problematic Television Culture Television, culture invites our generation to embrace unimaginable evils in the society Tendency to expose programs and images that may affect audiences emotionally continuous in the exposition of horrific contents in the media invites the public to keep living their lives without social guilt Hopelessness Americans can identify with the desperation of the presented passage description of the scenario could be passive and innocent; However, the sentiments are likely to create fear passage ridicules humanity in their tendency to run to seek religious solace feelings of helplessness confront them The pain of memories Pictures in the televisions could

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