Prove that Lady Macbeth is a redeemable character.

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Lady Macbeth During the early 17th century, women were regarded as inferior and submissive to men. They had no voice or control over what ensued in the society. Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare play, Macbeth supersedes all these societal expectations to emerge as an influential character who deploys sinister-like traits to help her husband rise to power. She is the source of all evils who manages to persuade his husband, Macbeth, to kill King Duncan with a motive of rising to power. Lady Macbeth cruel intentions ensue after a trio of witches prophesies that her husband would eventually rise to the throne of Scotland. As the storyline unfolds, Lady Macbeth dreads her sinister traits, and this marks a transformative change of character. Despite her earlier sinful life, Lady Macbeth proves to be a redeemable character who is ready to denounce her manipulative traits and assume a remorseful soul. A sense of guilt overflows Lady Macbeth after the death of King Duncan. Shakespeare exhibits two digressing traits of Lady Macbeth which can be figuratively perceived after analyzing her life before and after the death of King Duncan. As the play culminate, Lady Macbeth is overwhelmed with guilt and remorse. The culmination of the play suggests that guilt and compassionate are still buried inside her soul. The opening scenes depict a character who lacks humanity and can call upon the “spirits that tend on mortal thoughts” (Act 1, Scene 5, line 42) to divest her of the feministic susceptibilities that might still convince her to care. The statement, “where out desire is got without contentment” (Act III, Scene 2,

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