Proposal to use more white board instead of blackboard

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Name Instructor Course Date Use of More White Boards than Blackboards TO: THE CHAIR, ACADEMIC DEPARTMENT UC DAVIS FROM: HEAD OF STUDENT WELFARE DATE: 21/1/2018 For many decades blackboards have been the order of every classroom, lecture rooms, kitchen, playroom and the likes. Both boards have served their purpose and still do to date; they both have their advantages and disadvantages CITATION ByJ11 l 1033 (Ramani). Blackboard is recommended for handwriting development, young learners do well on it than on the soft white board, in coloring and shading, one can read faster in black and white, they are readily available, are durable can last between 5 to 10 years, they are cheap to purchase and maintain. Chalks dust is the cause of allergies cases such as asthma, coughs, wheezing and itchy eyes that are on the rise in most of the institution. The dust pollutes the air and when inhaled for a long period results in respiratory diseases, chalk dust will dirty your clothes, dust will settle and track itself all over classrooms which call for more cleaning, when equipment like computers, microscopes accumulates their performance is slower which calls for regular servicing which increase maintenance cost. It is limited, only one person can use it at a time and cannot add new contents without wiping the old one. The teacher is forced to involve the students to keep them alert and active. With all these shortcomings, the whiteboard is the way to go; it can spark the interest of the most inactive students and cause them to concentrate and keep them alert and active by connecting students and their teachers for discussion, class time becomes exciting and engaging.

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