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Student’s Name Course Tutor’s Name Date Proposal Argument: Unclear Division of Responsibilities Letter of Transmittal ABC Ltd 29/17 IT Street 4008 21/11/2016 CEO and CIO XYZ Ltd 2020 OHIO Dear Mr. James and Mrs. Ann, Following your request of November 21, 2016, I now attach my proposal of my evaluation in regards to the problem experienced by the organization. The report gives a comprehensive evaluation of the current concerns of the workplace. The following elements were assessed in the proposal: Communication problems Monitoring of team members Responsibilities and roles of employees Separation of work Solutions to the problem The analysis and proposal have been done to ensure that the organization can improve its task allocation, and to improve its productivity. The proposal will conclude by identifying the solutions to the problems of the unclear division of responsibilities in the workplace. Yours Sincerely Business Analyst ABC Ltd Introduction The workplace faces the problem of unclear division of responsibilities. The problem has led to several issues of the organizations, which set back the achievement of the set goals. The organization’s team culminates in performing a lot of duties that they ought not to have done. While the situation has some positive side of it, the demerits outnumber the benefits. One benefit of this condition is that the workers are flexible as they can move in and acquire skills and experience in different roles, thereby improving their adaptability in the organization towards the fluctuating circumstances in the operating environment (Robinson, Segal, and Segal 5). The main downside of the

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