Promoting vocabulary for Englsh learners

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Promoting vocabulary for English learners Name: Institutional Affiliation: The article presents various vocabulary strategies that can be used by tutors to coach English learners. Teaching English to learners entails many techniques to ensure that they grasp the language well. Stephanie Wessels in her book has put the facts well into perspective. Learning vocabulary is an essentiality to students in their school life. To have proper knowledge in vocabulary a student requires to have: a background knowledge; an ability to make connections between the known and the unknown facts in language; tend to get opportunities to use vocabulary, get exposures, and get a high knowledge level (Wessels, 2011). Background knowledge is useful in enabling the student to refine the meanings of the words. There are three phases of learning: before, during and after. Ensuring the proper knowledge is effected during these three stages is useful for the learning process of a student. To enable the student to remember what they know, the phase before reading can have a tutor “activating background knowledge” (Wessels, 2011). Background knowledge is useful in enabling the student to refine the meanings of the words. Moreover, reminding a learner what they already know will make them develop and expand the different meanings of words for their benefits in school. The next step of during learning entails a technique of “ensuring opportunities for meaningful use of the vocabulary words and providing multiple exposures,” (Wessels, 2011). Hence, the strategy in this will have a student being put under a rich engagement in vocabulary. Being intensely involved in what one is doing will

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