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Name Instructor Course Date Douglass' Thinking on Slavery and Society into the Present-Day Douglass was an abolitionist who exhibited strong stands in the fight against slavery. He was highly persevering, goal oriented, always quick to plan and strategize, timely, and patient. Haunted by the idea of freedom, all that Douglass wanted was to be freed from the bonds of slavery. He compared the life of slavery to that of animals. To him, both had no voice or rights. Through wit, handwork and determination, Douglass rose from being a slave to earning his livelihood and sense of satisfaction (Douglass 69-71). Throughout his abolitionist movement, he displayed a message that slavery is torture, that have a right to fair treatment and that we ought to only follow the human nature to be good to others. Like Sophia, slavery corrupts, dehumanizes and hardens good people. Even the overseers are corrupted and perverted by slavery as the master must adopt profane, violent and cruel ways. Douglas could be too objective and skeptical about the confederation flag. It is reported that the Confederate flag represented the General Robert’s army of northern Virginia as the stars and not the collective confederate states of America. Many of the southerners who regard the flag as a symbol of dignity and their pride must be living in denial. The truth is it took nearly a full century after the Confederacy was defeated in the civil war for the Afro-natives to be regarded as American citizens. Even then, they still don’t have an equal right with the whites. Racism is still underway although not as open as it was in the 1950s. Many whites still hold at the racism that fuelled the

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