Project Proposal: Climate Change

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PROJECT PROPOSAL Name: Course: Date: Project Proposal Project Topic: Viable interventions for Reducing Global Warming and its Impacts on Global Climatic Patterns Environmental Problem From the definition, global warming is the steady rise in the average temperature of our planet, a phenomenon that is greatly attributed to atmospheric pollution. The consequence of global warming is the continuous climate change impact. Global warming is induced by the building up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which incorporate carbon dioxide, a large quantity of methane, excessive nitrous oxide, the CFCs gases and water vapor and so on. We are currently experiencing drastic changes in global climatic patterns a sign that climate change, a consequence of global warming has taken shape. In this light, there is an increased urgency to formulate counteracting measures geared towards slowing down the process of global warming and climate change. Point of Policy Focus The solution of the global warming problem lies on the hands of international entities that compromise and corroborate under the wing of the United Nations. Indeed, a similar approach has been used in the last few years. As a glimpse of hope, meetings, and conferences on global warming have been held on a couple of occasions in the last few years. For instance, in the year 2015, the United Nations conference on limiting climate change that held by the United States, and other 195 nations struck a deal to reduce pollution. The main aim was to prevent a more than 1.5oc global temperature rise on average. Consequently, such an approach can prove critical to counteract the problem of global warming. Annotated

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