Project Management 2

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The approach to the crashing activities in a bid to get the project back to schedule and therefore avoid penalties would be enacted through effective team selection. There would be a selection of the team that is capable of doing the crashing in the shortest time possible, while at the same time delivering quality work. The process could even entail doing away with some of the workers and replacing them with the loyal employees. There would also be an embrace of motivation tactics aiming at increasing the zeal of the workers in achieving much fast crashing. On realizing the positive turn in activities towards effecting the crashing in the correct schedule, there would be efforts of supporting the team efforts using incentives. Comment Getting estimates on the regular timing as well as the crash time for each activity is a positive move as it would lead to guided choice of the way forward. However, in skipping the unnecessary steps in the activities, there would be a need for much carefulness as such moves could lead to shoddy work if there is no the right

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